Cooltek TG-01 - RGB. Form factor: Midi-Tower, Type: PC, Material: Plastic,Steel,Tempered glass. Front fans diameters supported: 120 mm, Rear fans installed: 1x 120 mm, Rear fans diameters supported: 120 mm. Supported HDD sizes: 2.5,3.5". Width: 190 mm, Depth: 440 mm, Height: 450 mm


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Designed to ensure an effective cooling of the installed components as well as optically stick out, we present the TG-01 with a modern and compact case design, also with elements of tempered glass.

The front of the case and the left-hand side of the left side, both of which are made of "tempered glass", are particularly striking. The I/O panel is located at the top of the front and offers 2 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 2.0, as well as HD audio connections. The power button, as well as the HDD and power LED, are located on the front of the cover. The LED button on the same location, allows to choose between the different color variants or light effects.

The case is characterized by a stable and high-quality steel frame - folded and deburred edges prevent cuts, when installing the hardware. The case interior is completely black and offers a generous cable management.

The internal structure is divided intelligently and is based on two separate thermal zones. The power supply and HDD cage are separated from the mainboard area by a steel sheathing. This gives the chassis an excellent stability on the one hand, and on the other it also allows for a thermal separation of the power supply and the mainboard area with the processor and graphics card.

Internally is a hard disk cage for two 3.5 inch drives, which can be installed without tools into practical HDD sleds. For SSDs, there are a total of two mounting locations, each on the right side of the mainboard. The SSDs are mounted using a screw connection.

The ventilation system of the TG-01 consists of three 120 mm RGB LED fans behind the front and a 120 mm fan at the rear of the case, to guarantee an effective airflow. If required, a further 120 mm model can be installed in the top cover. A magnetic filter prevents the penetration of dust into the interior. The air inlet of the power supply unit is also provided with a dust filter.

To optimize the ventilation of the hard disks, an additional 120 mm fan can be mounted at the top cover. To mount the fan, there are four long mounting screws included.

We also considered the needs of fans of water cooling systems. Behind the front is sufficient space to mount a 240 mm radiator. The MESH elements on both sides of the case front allow an ideal fresh air supply.

For the installation of the graphics cards, up to 370 mm are available in the TG-01, also a maximum height of 160 mm for CPU coolers. Thus, high-performance gaming systems can also be installed. The TG-01 is designed for all conventional ATX power supplies. Both ATX, Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX motherboards can be installed. Seven PCI slots for expansion cards are available at the back.


*EET nėra atsakinga už klaidas nuotraukose, aprašymuose ir specifikacijose, pateiktose Icecat.
MedžiagaPlastic,Steel,Tempered glass
Produkto spalvaBlack
Palaikomos motininės plokštės formos faktoriusATX,Micro ATX,Mini-ITX
3,5" lizdų skaičius2
Šoninis langas
2,5" lizdų skaičius2
Plėtimosi angų skaičius7
Apšvietimo spalvaMulti
Apšvietimo vietaFront
Dulkių filtras
Atstatymo mygtukas
LED indikatoriaiHDD,Power
Didžiausias CPU vėsintuvo aukštis15.9 cm
Didžiausias grafinės kortelės ilgis37 cm
Maitinimo šaltinis
Pridėtas maitinimo šaltinis
USB 2.0 portų kiekis1
USB 3.2 (3.1 1 kart.) A tipo prievadų skaičius2
Audio įėjimas
Audio išeiga
Palaikomi priekinių ventiliatorių skersmenys120 mm
Įrengti galiniai ventiliatoriai1x 120 mm
Maksimalus galinių ventiliatorių skaičius1
Palaikomas galinio ventiliatoriaus skersmuo120 mm
Maksimalus viršutinių ventiliatorių skaičius1
Palaikomi viršutinių ventiliatorių skersmenys120 mm
Palaikomas kietojo disko dydis2.5,3.5"
Svoris ir matmenys
Plotis190 mm
Ilgis440 mm
Aukštis450 mm
Papildoma informacija
Garantija1 metai
*EET nėra atsakinga už klaidas nuotraukose, aprašymuose ir specifikacijose, pateiktose Icecat.
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