Cooltek HTPC JB-U2 Silber Mini-ITX


Cooltek JB U2 S. Form factor: HTPC, Type: PC, Material: Aluminium. Power supply location: Top. Front fans installed: 1x 120 mm, Front fans diameters supported: 120 mm, Rear fans installed: 1x 120 mm. Supported HDD sizes: 2.5,3.5". Width: 208 mm, Depth: 233 mm, Height: 331 mm


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Under the label "Cooltek - powered by Jonsbo" we present the highest quality cases for demanding users.

The "U2" is the medium sized model in the attractive U series for home PC systems. The main feature of this case series is the timeless design line with the elegantly rounded corners and a very appealing exterior.

This refined and at the same time unobtrusive design of the case ensures that it can blend in with any interior style. The blue illuminated power button and the I/O panel with 2x USB 3.0 and the HD audio connectors is recessed into the sleek front. The frame of the "U2" is made of 2.0 mm thick, anodized aluminum, side and rear panels are each 1.5 mm thick. Two color options - black and silver - are available.

Based on our experience and by studying customer requirements, the focus during the development of the case series was the implementation of the original ITX-concept. For this reason, assembly areas for optical drives or extra-long video cards have been left out. VGA cards up to a length of 220 mm and CPU coolers up to a height of 175 mm are supported - enough space for most common configurations.

The high-quality and well-manufactures ITX case supports motherboards up to a maximum size of 170 x 170 mm. The installation of the motherboard is very simple - after you remove the left side panel it can be installed with little effort on the right side panel. The "U2" can accommodate standard ATX power supply and offers a total of 2 expansion slots.

In order to guarantee a particularly smooth-running system, the hard disk drives are anti-vibration mounted at the bottom of the “U2". You can install 2 x 2.5 inch or 1 x 3.5 inch HDD / SSD. An additional 3.5 inch hard drive can be installed behind the front panel. Alternatively, you can use the space to install a 120 mm fan.

For ensure effective case ventilation, the "U2" is equipped with an included quiet running 120 mm fan in the rear. The performance of the fan can be adjusted individually to your own liking via an external multi-stage switch. Even without the use of a front fan an effective cooling of the system is possible.

The "U2" is aimed at users who are looking for a very stylish PC for typical living room applications. Through its intelligent design, CPU cooler with a maximum height of 175 mm can be installed. Therefore even powerful tower coolers can be installed in the “U2”.

The stylish case rests on vibration-decoupled case feet in the appealing looks of high-quality Hifi components.

Two USB 3.0 “Super Speed” connectors are available externally. Thus, external hard disk or USB drives can be connected quickly and easily.

Depicted hardware is not included.

*EET nėra atsakinga už klaidas nuotraukose, aprašymuose ir specifikacijose, pateiktose Icecat.
Produkto spalvaSilver
Palaikomos motininės plokštės formos faktoriusMini-ATX
3,5" lizdų skaičius1
2,5" lizdų skaičius2
Plėtimosi angų skaičius2
Didžiausias CPU vėsintuvo aukštis17.5 cm
Didžiausias grafinės kortelės ilgis22 cm
Maitinimo šaltinis
Pridėtas maitinimo šaltinis
Maitinimo šaltinio vietaTop
USB 3.2 (3.1 1 kart.) A tipo prievadų skaičius2
Audio įėjimas
Audio išeiga
Sumontuoti priekiniai ventiliatoriai1x 120 mm
Daugiausia priekinių ventiliatorių1
Palaikomi priekinių ventiliatorių skersmenys120 mm
Įrengti galiniai ventiliatoriai1x 120 mm
Maksimalus galinių ventiliatorių skaičius1
Palaikomas galinio ventiliatoriaus skersmuo120 mm
Palaikomas kietojo disko dydis2.5,3.5"
Svoris ir matmenys
Plotis208 mm
Ilgis233 mm
Aukštis331 mm
Svoris2 kg
Medžiagos storis2 mm
Papildoma informacija
Garantija1 metai
*EET nėra atsakinga už klaidas nuotraukose, aprašymuose ir specifikacijose, pateiktose Icecat.
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